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Our ride on Ransome club mower with a MAG engine has a running issue.

Starts and runs great for about 20 minutes then loses power as though the timing/compression/mixture changes. Will then just tickover but as soon as you try to increase the revs coughs, splutters and occasionally appears to spit back through the carb. Fuel flow from the tank is excellent and we have changed the plug and carb. Compression seems to be still there when pulling the starter but there will be considerable mechanical drag.  Let it stand for 30 mins and then it will run for say another 10 min then develop the same problem. Any thoughts?


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Test of posting from Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protection turned off.


Edited to add, did not fix slow posting problem.


Second edit, may need to stop and restart Firefox after turning off Enhanced Tracking Protection.

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Test from second PC, posting from Firefox after turning off Enhanced Tracking Protection for this forum.


Edited to add, looks this workaround is a solution. Problem Firefox / Invision in combination. This is the only site where I have had to make this configuration change.

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16 minutes ago, Glenn Philbrick said:

Just trying a photo but appears upside down?


The metadata for the photo is probably incorrect as a) it looks like it was shot at a 45 degree down angle which can confuse the inclinometer in your phone/camera, and b) that particular image doesn’t have much to go on that would give it a clue (i.e vertical figures or a horizon). Just flip it 180 in any photo utility, resave, then upload again.

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