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Our own experience of Evri/Hermes is appalling. Yesterday I had a parcel 'confirmed as delivered' with a photo of the parcel against a vague background which I cycled around the village trying to find - I got back after an unsuccessful sortie and put it down to yet another Evri failure.  This morning, the very same tracking link in yesterdays email now showed as 'out for delivery', the confirmation photo had disappeared and the parcel arrived this afternoon.  I have an idea it might be to do with achieving delivery targets.  Every Christmas we have parcels fail to arrive and chasing up failures is almost impossible.



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16 minutes ago, Robert Cracknell said:

Love the Royal Mail app. When tracking it says 'No tracking information available until we attempt delivery'

What use is that...?

A bit like the <insert chosen nationality> parachute that opens on impact 🤪


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On 25/05/2024 at 14:30, Robert Cracknell said:

Has anyone found a route to complain to Evri that actually gets seen by a human being and elicits a meaningful response?

....or are they always going to remain totally useless?


Have just seen this post Robert, and want to point out that I get the opportunity after Every delivery to fill in an extended comment by email.

The email delivery advise gives a dialogue box.

Like others, my Evri experience has been excellent.

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Evri was the worst in recent history. Have no idea where it is in the reliability polls now. My recent experience with FedEx wasnt good. Whilst i had missed a letter out of postcode  my fault, the day after due delivery they rang me and it was corrected. TWO weeks later still having not received it, despite e mails giving me dates, i contacted supplier if goods. They got 8n contact and lo the day after it arrived.

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I ordered an ESC from Ali express on Tuesday, it arrived via our local friendly and ever reliable Evri driver on Sunday.

I think it's down to the local Evri driver that makes the difference. His predecessor was a miserable git and often didn't turn up for arranged collections.

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58 minutes ago, Denis Watkins said:

Agreed that your driver and any interaction can have a bearing on deliveries. No matter how difficult, always be polite

Our Evri delivery driver is brilliant. He even brings our dog little treats (bribes) when he has no deliveries for us!
Never had a problem either sending or receiving through Evri. I'd choose them over RM any day of the week.

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