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Horrific spitfire crash

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A tragedy for his family. 

This country's warbird industry is about as safe as can be made without grounding everything and putting all the aeroplanes in museums - so many changes over the last few decades to both spectator and pilot safety. Warbirds used to be flown much harder back in the day as I recall from airshow spectating since a child - think of how close the crowd line at Duxford has been moved back from the grass and on to the hard standing after the terrible Ramstein accident.


I noticed that a glider pilot was killed over the weekend and a rider at a horse trial was also killed after a fall.

Very sadly, these things happen despite modern day safety standards and precautions. |


Fingers crossed that the IoM TT remains fatality free this year.

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A very sad accident to lose another display pilot. RIP Sqn Ldr Long and condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.


The FB RAF Coningsby spotters page has been closed down for five days as a mark of respect and to remove any chance of unhelpful and inappropriate speculation.

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46 minutes ago, Eric Robson said:

Very sad,

a great loss of such a fine young man.

There was a replica Spitfire crash in a field near Enstone in Oxfordshire last Tuesday, killing the pilot a 68yr old man.

Hello Eric,I thought the Enstone crash was last year?


Ken Anderson.....ne....1....Enstone dept


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