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ken anderson.

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25 minutes ago, Peter Miller said:

Yes,it is.  Been driving them since Reliants vanished.

My dad had a Reliant Rialto, I took it up to 70 mph once, brown trouser time, nearly rolled it on a corner too. Anyone who's driven one deserves a medal!

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On 28/04/2024 at 16:24, EvilC57 said:






I was posher than that. I used to read the HP Sauce bottle in French 🙂  'Cette Sauce de haute qualite ... ' IIRC - it was very, very long ago.

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58 minutes ago, EvilC57 said:

I learned to drive in my mother’s Reliant Robin van in 1974/75. Very bumpy ride as I recall!

I drove Reliants from about 1970 onwards.  I had my Rialto up to 80 on a straight road. Never frightened myself...unlike motor bikes.My bikes, well one was my show bike that built in the very late 60s


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