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Spring is here again - who's been flying?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Managed a few hours yesterday - bit blustery but nice to be out.


  • Flew the Ultrastick and Valiant a couple of times - need my engine-whisperer to sort the engines properly!
  • Did a couple of practically vertical takeoff and landings with the WW foamy
  • Flew the Arrows Hawk - performs amazingly well in the wind.


Was nice not to have to play 'plane jenga', having replaced my DS3 with a Skoda estate!


Looks nice today, so more batteries on charge......

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I’ve not been flying since mid January, it’s not my fault either !

At the moment it seems that there are a couple of days in the week which are lovely...come the weekend, it’s all wind and rain in deepest Cornwall. Oh well, the joys of not quite yet reaching retirement 

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8 hours ago, Andy Gates said:

That is a beautiful glider David, I had to go and have a look to see the spec and likely supply time - until I saw the price - ouch!


Looks like I will be sticking to my plan of building a Centiphase / Hi-Phase.

Lol. Certainly not cheap, but should last a while.... Unlikely to be trying full bore inverted low passes ?

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Lovely sunny day today.  Getting back into practice for the aerobatic competition season and, oh dear, a lot of practice is needed!  Still, it's a lot easier to try and fly a schedule when there is a very small cross wind while you try and get your brain to control your fingers so they do the right thing all the time!  Thankfully, it wasn't that odd blue sky that makes the aeroplane disappear when at height.

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Would love to get to the field as a stockpile of unflown models to maiden. Unfortunately our landlord has had a massive delivery of chalk delivered on the only access track to our field, means a half mile walk carrying all the bits and bobs which is beyond me at the moment.



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Very busy day at the field yesterday - well, busy for our club.  Up to 7 pilots and sometimes even 3 in the air!


Did feel a little like herding cats, as some of the senior members who visit less often don't seem to want to follow our safety rules..... despite me revising them, and sending them out in Word and pdf format just over a week ago.........

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18 minutes ago, GrumpyGnome said:

Indeed.  We're a very laid-back club, and want to stay that way but sheesh, some people...... 


This is a common theme in my experience GG, as some members don't quite " get it "

It is our job to calmly drill them.

My own tactic is to stand with them on just one of their flights or start ups, and to praise the good bits, but don't decry All the bad bits, just give one of two pointers that stood out for you.


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A day on the slope today before the cold drove us back to our warm workshops. It was about 7 degrees but with a brisk 19mph blow it felt much colder, hard on the fingers, even with gloves with the thumbs and first finger cut off. The sun only made a few very brief appearances and, for the most part it was a grey sky, with scudding clouds.


Great fun though - best flights I've had out of my Cambrian Spitfire which loved that windspeed - two of them beating up the sky at the same time. The PMP Hawk was a bit more of a tightrope walk, but my venerable Ridge Racer also faired well. My clubmates with their sleek, four servo wing composite ships had great success, but a couple of the guys had damaged models on landing in the morning
and left early as a result.  First slope outing of the year though, so that was great.


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