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Right, she's ready*


1/6 scale spitfire Mk1; P9374. This is a replica (let's not be too eager and call it 'scale'!) of the aircraft that crashed on it's second operation onto the beach at Calais and remained there until the 1980s before being removed and eventually renovated to flying condition. This is detailed in a wonderful book kindly given to me by Peter Miller. As happens with me, reading the book (and particularly John Romaine's pilot notes of the maiden flight) inspired me, and I was 'locked on'.


This is the latest evolution of my learnings of how to make use of Depron. Particularly laminate flooring under floor insulation. This is sold by B&Q under the Diall brand in white in 3 and 6mm and their own brand in black at 6mm. The construction uses some ply and balsa to put strength where it's needed (a hard structure between wing root and motor mount), and B&Q 6mm square strip wood for the wing spars. It has flaps, retracts and Oleos and is set up with a 5065 320kv motor on 6S and currently spinning a 17x8 prop. I'm yet to do the full power checks, so not sure what the output is, but expect around 900-1000W. The battery (3300maH) sits vertically behind the motor, and it looks to balance without ballast. AUW is 8lb. As this model is 74", this is very light. It's the same size as Mick Reeves' Mk9, which apparently fly very well, and usually come in at around 12lb plus. Jon from Laser reckons this is the correct weight, so I may have to stake it down to stop it floating off! In any case, I should get a nice scale speed.


It's covered in 25gsm glass cloth applied with B&Q water based varnish. Paint is good old valspar (again, B&Q) matchpot emulsion matched to the book. It's a tiny bit light, but the effect is good. This is sprayed with my little HVLP gun, and then sprayed over with a light coat of gloss varnish to give a slight sheen for the vinyl to adhere to. Vinyl, canopy, decals and the wonderful dash are all from Mick Reeves. The exhausts are 3D printed.


*Some detailing to do, electrical checks, a lot of worrying, and purchase of bike clips notwithstanding...










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29 minutes ago, martin collins 1 said:

Taking depron/foam building to another level Graham, do you have any build pictures you can post up? Looking forward to some flight video.

I have a few. Attached here. 

 If anyone wants any details, I'm always happy to chat through what I did, how I got there and what my thought processes are!




spitfire 201223 1.jpg

spitfire 201223 2.jpg

spit 1.jpg

spit 2.jpg

spit 3.jpg

spit 4.jpg

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Getting ready for a fly tomorrow. I'd planned to remaiden my Durafly Spitfire to Seafire XVII transformation and had put a dust coat of satin WBPU on this morning. However when I came to check the controls I found two dodgy Durafly servos, so she's gone back below deck for those to be changed out - too dodgy to risk a flight, so she won't be going to the field tomorrow. Plenty of other aeroplanes will be making the trip though - but no maiden flights.





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It was a swapmeet bargain a while back GG - I've never liked the Spitfire XXIV but it was too good to leave there for the small cost. It had been very heavily weathered indeed, but I flew it and was surprised to find that  it was about the nicest flying Durafly Spitfire that I'd tried. I couldn't live with that stock colour scheme though and I didn't have a Seafire in my multi-Spitfire collection, so it seemed the obvious thing to do.

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1 hour ago, Eric Robson said:

My latest build, a Brian Taylor Corsair, precut parts from Sarik.

The plan shows fixed undercarriage, twist and turn retracts don't fare very well on our strip so no undercarriage and a dolly launch. Video from a mobile phone. 

61" span 580kv 5556 motor 5s 5000

8lb weight ready to fly



I'd be pooping myself belly-landing that........

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5 minutes ago, GrumpyGnome said:



I'd be pooping myself belly-landing that........

It lands very well GG  11 flights up to now, unfortunately some of the sheep wander on to the strip and they provide the poop. The bend in the wings keep the fuselage clean so minimum mess 

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