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ken anderson.

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Many years ago I happened to be in a health-food shop in Castleford and the customer before me was a little elderly yorkshire lass wearing a headscarf.

"'Ave you got any honey luv?" she asked.  The shop assistant, trying to be helpful, said "Yes, we have Scottish Heather, Mexican Cherry Blossom and Australian Eucalyptus".


The old lady looked thoughtful for a moment and then said "'Aven't you got any BEE's honey?"

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15 hours ago, Peter Miller said:

A couple of weeks later he brought me his portable radio which had fallen off his boat into the harbour.  Could I fix that after a week in salt water.. I took the back off.  The printed circuit board no longer existed.

NO I couldn't fix that!!!!

True story: Many years ago I was helping out Mick Wilshere on his stand at Sandown Park. A gentleman approached us with a receiver that had stopped working. He explained that he had been soaring off the cliffs at Berry Head in Brixham (Devon) when his glider had been attacked by seagulls! They ripped the covering off the wings, and his glider plunged into the sea!


By the time he got down to sea level, the wreckage had been washed up on the rocks, but the radio was - not surprisingly - dead!


A quick examination revealed no trace of any copper left on the PCB, aside from any other damage.


It was such a good story that Mick provided him with a replacement receiver for a minimal charge, on condition he could use the tale in one of his adverts!


As luck would have it, I was due to visit family in Torbay the following week, so the customer was quite surprised to not only get his receiver replaced for a minimal charge, but to get it hand delivered by the guy who designed it!





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