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Bruce, i've not been able to post any messages or view/post photos on my ipad since the web site was 'improved'. I'm using a friend's PC which seems to be working. Here is a photo of my aileron servo installation. A brass tube is located centrally on the bowden cable, and clamped by a screw inserted into the square, white nylon mouilding on the right. A short threaded rod is screwed into the nylon block and a standard clevis attachment fitted to connect to the sevo arm. The servo is secured on its side and clamped in place by double sided tape and a short length of ply screwed into hard wood blocks .


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Soarcerette. 34.5” Span 2 ch Miniature Slope Soarer.
Continuing my nostalgia theme of late here is my latest. Built from a FEB 86 Radio Modeller plan by Mr P Startup, It’s a 2/3 size version of the Dave Hughes Soarcerer (RM Oct 69).
It needed to be a small model, ideal to keep (hide) in the car to take away any time for impromptu flying. I’ve added a small power pod for flat field operations, also split the wing in two parts (easier storage) & added ailerons. All materials i.e. balsa, ply & coverings have come out of my off cuts box.
Now just need a chance to give it a go!


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I was thinking of another lockdown project when the Jan2021 RCME came through the door.  I love the idea of a tiny delta so assembled a Blink.

The lock together build does need care with allignment of all the bits but it was worth the time. Not flown yet as my club still hasn't got clearance to open.



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14 hours ago, Dwain Dibley. said:

Absolutely beautiful Rich, but I can't see where the blades go. LOL?



I know, but I did think in advance and have a balaclava I can wear to fly her. Wouldn't want any of the boys thinking I'm weakening.

Dont forget the invite to SS when the weather improves ?




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Here is my latest build .

I've called it Alpha Tauri .

It's a Super Tauri with a few mods .

The wingspan is reduced by 3".

It has split flaps .It has a light weight construction and is powered by a S.C.36 .

If I were to do it again I would shorten the nose by about an inch to save even  more weight . currently it weighs 3lbs 14ozs .

It's yet to have it's first flight .

This is the sixth version of the Super Tauri I have built .




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Not very exciting (in terms of what it is...) but finally maidened this today, powered by a 'used' Saito 82 that saw so little use it needed running in .... brilliant combo.  Although a spat fell off on it's first flight!




P.S. this is my garden, not the flying field ?

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On 09/04/2021 at 15:59, John T said:

It almost seems a shame to cover it up Ted.

Is that the tail of a Bristol Monoplane I can see hanging on the wall behind?

It’s a Blackburn monoplane handed on to me by a former club member to complete but other things keep getting in the way.

I’m covering in Antique Solartex so some of the structure will be visible in silhouette.

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23 hours ago, Basil said:

Ted, smashing. Out of interest where did you get the plans from, as I see its a US kit.?


Thanks.  A friend gave the plans to me not sure where he got them. The plans are very detailed. I have a Proctor Jenny kit waiting to be built and this was my test run in learning the Proctor way of doing things. Mainly handling the thin ply and spruce. There’s very little balsa in the build.

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Flight No.6 with the Warbirds Replicas Mustang, a very stable flyer and lovely 3 point landings on full flaps. The top hatch flew off first flight as there was no outlet for the air I now have an outlet but put a rubber band on just in case. Just  the Warbirds Ju88 to Maiden now.


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